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We know you have a lot of questions at this time. Here are a few of the one’s we hear the most.

Can I get help if I need it during the Program?

Yes. If you feel you would benefit from additional support, speak with your instructor and the Dean of Students. It’s not an uncommon request. Plus, we have mentors available. Keep in mind that often a fellow classmate can provide the answer. The programs are filled with some of the brightest minds in IT.

Do I need special software to attend the Master’s Program?

All needed software is provided.

How much time outside the classroom will I need to spend?

Depending on the student, on average 10-20 hours weekly is spent outside the classroom. As with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

What is the absence policy?

You are allowed one absence. However, we are flexible. In a serious circumstance just talk it over with the Dean of Students. All classes are taped and are available to you in case of absence.

Will I be required to maintain a certain GPA?

Yes, 80% for tuition/placement students and 90% for contract students. Our hiring partners are looking for strong candidates so you will want to maintain these averages. Again, there is some flexibility if you have difficulty with a certain exam or project. Speak with your instructor and the Dean of Students.

Do you think I will be successful in the program?

We receive thousands of applications every quarter. We are very selective. Less than 2% of those who apply, qualify and join our Master’s Program. If you have received an offer, then we are confident that we can train you, market you or use you in one of TIG onsite/offsite projects and help you land a good job! Your training and job success is our #1 goal.

What Do I Need To Attend?

In order to attend a University virtual training class, each student will need the following:

  • Computer (laptop or desktop) with minimum 1 GHz processor
  • High speed Internet access (DSL, cable or LAN)
  • Wired connectivity is recommended
  • Ability to download software plug-ins required for virtual classroom attendance
  • 17″ monitor (recommended, not required)
  • Speakerphone or phone headset with microphone
  • Internet browser installed
  • Other software/system requirements (see System Requirements)

How Do I Get My Course Manual?

The University staff will mail a color copy of the course manual and all supporting training materials to arrive at the student’s mailing address at least two business days prior to the start of the course. The mailing address provided during course registration will be the address that the manual will be shipped to. It is the student’s responsibility to receive the shipped manual and have it available at the location from which the course will be attended. If the course manual is not received two business days prior to the start date of the course, it is the student’s responsibility to immediately notify the University staff at 630-692-1884.

Student Responsibilities

As described above, students will receive an e-mail with virtual classroom setup and testing instructions that must be completed prior to the start of class. This setup will include software downloads and testing that are required for participating in the virtual classroom sessions.
It is the responsibility of each registered student to schedule time for and complete all required software installation and other necessary pre-course activities by start time for the class. The total time required for completing these pre-course student activities should not exceed one hour.
Any failure to complete all pre-course setup activities will have a negative impact on the overall course experience and satisfaction for all students attending the virtual classroom sessions.

Software Installation/Course Preparation Activities

As described above, the student will be required to install software plug-ins that will be needed for successful participation in the virtual course. After these installations are completed, students will also be requested to perform a simple connection and bandwidth test. It is the student’s responsibility to complete these activities before the start of class. Each student will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for performing required software installations and other pre-course activities. If a student does not receive the e-mail instructions during the week prior to the course start or if problems are encountered during the installation, setup, and testing, the University staff should be contacted immediately at 630-692-1872

Other Software/System Requirements

In addition to the hardware requirements described above, each student’s PC must meet the following software/system requirements. These requirements are necessary for successful participation in classroom lecture, student/instructor interaction, and exercises.
Operating Systems options:
  • Microsoft Windows 98 SE, 2000, XP and Vista
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

Web Browsers options:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Firefox (version 2.0 or >)
  • Web browser settings – cookies enabled

Minimum Bandwidth:

  • DSL, cable, or network connection
  • Wired connection (recommended)
  • 30 kbps
  • Network latency – 150ms

Other Requirements:

  • Microsoft Installer (version 2.0 or >)
  • Adobe Flash Player 6.0 or higher

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