Permanent Staffing

TIG’s IT Staffing Group provides both contract and permanent staffing. We recruit across the full spectrum of IT skills to satisfy our clients’ information technology staffing needs.


TIG offers a full line of comprehensive IT Staffing services and combines the experience and best practices of our management team. TIG has lasting relationships with leading companies as well as skilled IT professionals. It is this relationship-based methodology that allows TIG to efficiently fulfill the needs of both the employer and job seeker. Specific opportunities are seen through to fruition by TIG’s time-tested procurement process that includes screening and qualifying individuals. Because TIG believes time is precious, it takes diligence to accommodate the demanding schedules of both the client and the candidates.

TIG has developed a thorough, systematic, team-based process to carefully identify and assess information technology professionals in order to provide the right human capital recommendation for the right opportunity. TIG’s network of professionals all share the same belief: technology, when effectively aligned with business, can create a competitive advantage.

TIG believes its clients have the core human capital to execute their strategic technology direction. At times, there is a need to bring on a permanent employee or temporary contractor with specific subject-matter expertise to fill a gap. That is where TIG can help! TIG works with clients to understand their environment, culture, and job requirements, which allows for the identification of the right resources. TIG resources are engaged in a variety of ways including Interim Staffing/Contract-for-Hire and Permanent Placement.


Interim Staffing/Contract-for-Hire

TIG can fulfill staffing needs with qualified resources who bring both business and technology experience specific to your industry. We leverage an extensive network of IT professionals, thorough qualification processes, and technical screenings to identify the best candidate for your initiative. A common approach in today’s market is to staff a resource on a contract basis for a trial period prior to making the commitment of a full-time position. TIG is well versed in negotiating these types of agreements on behalf of our clients.

Permanent Placement
TIG can fulfill your IT recruiting needs as you expand your staff or replace existing positions. Through an extensive qualification process TIG narrows the list to 3 top candidates before the client is asked to look at a resume. The goal is to reduce our clients’ time spent on recruitment, while still accomplishing the goal of hiring the most qualified candidate.



Create Position & Candidate Profile

The search process begins with a clear understanding of the general business environment and the specific challenges facing our client. TIG partners with the hiring executive or project sponsor to carefully identify the client’s specific needs. TIG’s extensive groundwork helps to identify the right candidate for the position. This includes working intimately with our clients to build a position profile that will attract exceptionally qualified candidates from an ever-increasingly competitive market.


Identify Target Companies & Candidates

A TIG Account Manager and a TIG Recruiting Specialist work together as a team to develop a strategic search plan.


Contact Potential Candidates

Upon completion of a position profile a comprehensive systematic and targeted candidate search begins. Utilizing our business intelligence, state-of-the-art technology, extensive networks and proprietary databases, we identify dynamic, talented candidates that fit the position profile.


Evaluate Candidates:

  • Background
  • Responsibilities & Accomplishments
  • Credentials & References
  • Technical Competencies
  • Location & Compensation

After potential candidates have been identified, a continuous assessment process begins, including an in-depth interview by a TIG Recruiting Specialist. At this time a thorough examination of the candidate’s functional competencies, industry fit, cultural fit and leadership skills are assessed. Degree verifications and reference checks complete the initial evaluation process.

Technical Skills Evaluation

Significant steps are taken to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills prior to presentation to the client. This includes leveraging TIG’s internal experts and custom assessment tools to determine the level of technical competency.

TIG has developed customized SAP questionnaires for technical assessments for our candidates. The skills measurement provides an effective means of identifying qualified candidates.


Recommend Candidates & Schedule Interviews

After careful assessment by the team, a slate of candidates are selected. All information regarding the candidates is then forwarded to our client and arrangements are made for on-site interviews. TIG coordinates all communication with the candidates regarding the logistics of all meetings.


Facilitate the Interview Process & Negotiate the Compensation Package

Upon selection of a final candidate, TIG serves as a liaison and negotiation officer to ensure a final offer is deemed successful by all parties involved.


Salon and Cosmetics retailer
Full-time Placement

The Business Problem
The company’s most valued SAP BW/Portals resource left the company to pursue other opportunities. The company’s functions depend heavily on BW reporting. Through BW reporting the company consolidates key performance and operating metrics for critical decision-making. This function required a resource with background in SAP BW and portals development. The company had a low budget for salary and did not pay for relocation. A resource who was reasonably skilled in BW, local to Chicago, and within the salary range was desired. A new position was created to fulfill these requirements. This company spun cycles for several months using other recruitment agencies.

The Business Challenge
TIG worked intimately with this client to find the right resource who could fit all the stated requirements. It began by meeting with the hiring manager to learn the position’s requirements (position profile). First, the recruiting team needed to understand the technical and professional proficiencies required. Then, to ensure future success of the candidates, TIG took extensive measures to better understand the company’s culture and how the individual candidate would fit into the existing hierarchy.

A pool of over 100 candidates was assembled by the recruitment team. By utilizing a series of screening mechanisms the pool was narrowed to 10 candidates. A recruitment team member spoke with each individual to assess his or her technical and professional competencies. After narrowing the field to five people, the TIG Account Manager interviewed the candidates to further evaluate the technical ability, industry and cultural fit, interpersonal skills and more. This enabled TIG to finalize a list of three well-qualified candidates to present the client. Succeeding the client’s interviews with the candidates, the company extended an offer to one candidate. The candidate accepted the offer and started within two weeks.

The Results
The recruitment process – from TIG’s original meeting to the company extending an offer to one of the recommended candidates – took only three weeks. This is in contrast to the three months the company spent searching for a candidate before it turned to TIG.
This employee immediately became a well-respected, productive member of the company.
The new hire was able to immediately resolve production problems, enabling the company to improve its data analysis and make better decisions


Immediate Hire
TIG charges 18% of the starting annual salary for any immediate hire. Most placement agencies charge 25%-35% or more. TIG will beat the current recruiting charges of its potential clients’.

The Rate for temp-for-hire resources is reduced based on length of service. If the consultant has been providing continuous service for more than 4 months, a reduced fee of 15% is charged. Greater than 8 months of service is a 10% charge. There is NO CHARGE if the resource has provided more than one year of continuous service!


TIG gives all clients a 120 calendar day guarantee. This means that should employment of the TIG resource terminate in less than 120 days from initial hire date, then there will be no recruitment charge assessed. The recruitment charge is not payable to TIG until the 120th day of employment from the hire date. Most placement agencies will offer a guarantee of 90 day or less.

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