Our Approach to Methodology

Pre-Project Planning – Project Planning

We work with you to identify, allocate and backfill all project resources up front. In addition, we ensure that SAP training for key team members occurs before the project begins. We follow this strict regimen of pre-project planning so that when the project does commence, everyone on the implementation team is ready and able to hit the ground running.

Design a detailed Blueprint

SAP implementations are like traveling to another country; having a detailed road map like our methodology makes traversing unfamiliar territory a whole lot easier. The TIG process provides an increased level of detailed documentation during the blueprint phase. Our approach clearly defines all of the processes and steps, SAP screens and data fields that will be used, as well as specifications for interfaces and conversions. The more detailed the up-front planning, the better integrated design you will have, with less rework later. Users will know exactly what to expect and can affirm the usefulness of the design — before proceeding to implementation.


As an integral part of our approach, we bring a unique perspective to the critical test phase of the SAP implementation. We focus on routine unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing and parallel testing, as well as spending considerable time on automated comparison testing. This is accomplished by comparing output from the legacy system, at a specific point in time, with results the SAP system produces with the same set of data, using our tools. The primary objective of simulation testing is to uncover issues and resolve them prior to parallel testing. This leaves implementation teams free to focus on cross training the end users, rather than being buried in configuration adjustments.


The TIG framework incorporates module-specific content in the broader context of the
SAP ASAP methodology. By combining module thought leadership and best practices
with sound project methodology, your project is implemented successfully and on time. As depicted above, module-specific milestones occur throughout the project life cycle. The TIG methodology precludes the need to create project deliverables from scratch and helps keep the team focused on critical tasks.

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