Methodology / Process flow

The TIG mission is to apply highly automated tools, methods and expert resources to provide superior support on an as-needed basis to our customers. Our goal is to provide service that exceeds expectations so that customers will want to build a partnership with us so that we can provide even better service at a lower cost.


TIG has a panel of skilled experts and web-based tools ready to provide customers with world class SAP support on an as-needed basis. Customers submit an issue via the TIG Submit a SAP Question page or repeat customers can go directly into our web-based tool. The issue is assigned to one of our Panel of Experts who will discuss the issue with the customer and provide an estimate of hours and price to derive the resolution. The customer must approve the estimate before the work is started. Once approved, the work is promptly completed by the same consultant who provided the estimate. The resolution is then sent to the customer. At any time during the process, the customer has access to our web based tool to monitor the progress and communicate with “their” expert. All work is guaranteed.

Submit an Issue

Any SAP customer, who needs help with a question or a problem with SAP, can submit that question or problem to TIG helpdesk.

First time users can register and submit their issue by going to Submit a SAP Question page. Repeat customers will be given direct access to our web-based tool, Since they are already registered, repeat customers need only to enter a description of their issue, the SAP module to which it is related and when they need a resolution.

Ticket Assignment

TIG utilizes a Panel of SAP Experts covering the broad range of SAP skills. Each ticket that is submitted into TAP is reviewed by one of our Help Desk Managers and is assigned to an appropriately skilled expert. Depending on the work involved, tickets may be assigned to experts in our offshore support center.

This functionality brings a wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to any SAP customer’s finger tips. Customers have ready access to these resources on an as-needed basis.

Ticket Review, Options and Estimation

The Help Desk Manager and the assigned expert review the request. We have found that sometimes additional information or clarification is needed before an estimate can be provided. Within one business day, the assigned expert will contact the customer and begin a dialog with that customer. All discussions, especially decision points, are documented in TAP and are accessible to the customer.

Once the assigned expert has adequate information on the issue, he/she documents the viable options to the resolution and derives an estimate for completing the work. Typical options include applying OSS Notes, changing configuration and developing a user exit. The estimate is entered into the tool along with the options and an overview of what the resolution deliverable will be, e.g. four page document explaining 3-way matching or five screen shots on how to configure storage types to resolve your problem.

Estimate Approved or Declined

The customer has a choice of declining the estimate and stopping all work. In this case the customer is still expected to remit the $99 fee. In this case, the Help Desk Manager will contact the customer to determine the reason for stopping the request for help.

TIG’s goal is that the customer will accept the estimate and give the TIG expert approval to proceed with the work and the resolution.

Once the estimate is approved, the same expert assigned for the estimate is assigned to complete the resolution. As the work is being completed, the assigned consultant will document activities and assumptions in the TIG tool. This information can be accessed, reviewed and commented on by the customer.


When the assigned expert completes the work, it is documented in the TIG tool along with all supporting documentation. The Help Desk Manager reviews all material for quality, clarity and for meeting the customers’ request. The customer is presented with the resolution.


The customer is expected to review the resolution and to close the ticket, indicating satisfaction with the resolution.

If the customer declines the resolution, the Help Desk Manager will work with the customer to understand the reasons for declining the resolution and will make every effort to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

If the customer’s reasonable expectations can not be met, then a full refund of payments toward this ticket in question will be made by TIG to the customer.

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