1) Is this a cost effective way for customers to get long term SAP production support? If I use this service on an ad-hoc basis don’t your experts spend a lot of time having to get familiar with my environment before they can help?

If you have a stable environment, then you have very few things that “break” in your system. Chances are that your needs are for routine ad-hoc system tasks such as new reports, system enhancements (e.g. user exits) or clarify an existing configuration/process or even configure some new standard functionality. The TIG Helpdesk is ideal for this since we have extensive experience in such tasks and any expert, even though initially unfamiliar with your system, will be able to help you.

However, if your system is relatively new or often requires end-user or super user support, (i.e. at least one problem item per week) then you would definitely benefit from our low cost-fixed fee support plan. In this program we dedicate a team of experts to get familiar with your system and you are assured quick response times based upon the severity of the problem. You simply have to sign up for a minimum number of hours with us – of course at a discounted rate for this program.

2) Will the TIG experts need access my SAP environment?

For general SAP questions, no access to your SAP system should be needed. However, to resolve a problem you are having or to provide an estimate for project work, SAP will have to gain access to your SAP system.

3) If access to my SAP environment is needed, what needs to be done?

  • First of all, there must be a contract agreement put in place between your company and TIG Systems, just to protect both sides in case there is a problem.
  • Usually, the quickest way to gain access is via a dial-up connection to your network and then password access into your SAP environment.
  • Most companies now have VPN access which allows our experts to gain access through the internet.

4) What happens after I submit a ticket on your Helpdesk?

The ticket is assigned to one of the TIG consultants based on the following criteria:

  • Experience working with this customer
  • Skill Required
  • Expert Availability
  • Proven Success handling previous tickets
  • Industry Expertise
  • The expert investigates the problem or questions and contacts the person who entered the ticket for additional information.
  • The TIG expert provides an estimate for the solution to the customer.
  • At this point the customer is invoiced the estimate fee.
  • The customer approves the estimate and work is started or declines the estimate and no further work is completed.
  • The expert completes the work and provides the customer with the solution.
  • The customer accepts the solution and the customer is invoiced for the solution.

5) If a customer declines the work estimate resolution, can they ask for another expert opinion concerning a solution for problem? Would they have to pay two EST fees?

Customers can ask for a “second opinion” at no extra cost. Obviously, we would do everything to make the customer comfortable with the original estimate to avoid repeat work. In any case, the customer would not have to pay for a second estimate.

6) What happens if the TIG expert completes the work by the customer request date but goes over the estimated time? Does the customer have to pay for the additional time?

Experts must obtain approval to exceed estimated times. If approval is not given then any hours exceeding the estimate will not be charged.

7) Will the expert contact the customer to get approval for extra time before exceeding estimated hours?

The expert should first contact their Help Desk Manager to discuss the situation. If they both feel additional time is needed then the customer will be contacted.

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