The TIG Helpdesk is available 24 x 7 for customers to login and register questions, issues or request work estimates. Helpdesk managers contact customers within one business day after a posting has been logged on the Helpdesk tool to discuss the issue.

Once authorized by the customer and accepted by the TIG helpdesk, our experts generally work on customer issues per the following schedule to resolve the issue.

Nature of Work Work schedule
Reg. Hours
After Hours
Functional or Technical support issue – Low/Medium priority
Functional or Technical support issue – High/Critical priority


/wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png /wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png
Functional or Technical system enhancements, US based /wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png
Functional or Technical system enhancements, US+ offshore /wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png /wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png
Basis support (standard) /wp-content/uploads/IT_Staff_Augmentation/ok.png
Basis support (extended)


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    • IT Director

      We chose Terra Information because they have an experienced group who have assisted us with our efforts, minimizing costs and streaming the SAP implem...

    • Major University

      For our clients Terra Information is the one that brings together exactly the right people, the right process and technology to get the job done corre...

    • SAP Manager

      The completion of this SAP project, rolled out on time for each of our locations is a great testimonial to the skilled workand team effort by Terra In...

    • Terra Information’s initiative, integrity and professionalism really stand out. Terra Information demonstrated all of these in earnest during the pr...

    • Overall, Terra Information takes a great deal of pride in their work, especially in managing and motivating the team.

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