With today’s challenging economy and pressure to be compliant, your IT financial systems need to be flexible, cost-effective, and visible for easy reporting.

TIG’s SAP® HCM Lite All-in-One Solution achieves all of this, providing streamlined functionality for robust HR Management, Benefits management, Time mgt, payroll processing, reporting, and analysis. The package includes the SAP software license, SAP Best Practices implementation, as well as the hardware. You get the core HCM functionality that allows for growth and expansion as your ERP needs evolve.

TIG’s HCM solution enables the automation of your HR management, time, benefits, Payroll end-to-end processes and includes management of these specific tasks or functions:

Among the benefits that will be realized are:

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduced processing cost
  • Availability of information for all users
  • Platform for growth
  • Easier compliance with regulatory standards
  • Better decision making and business planning with intuitive forecasting measurements

Adoption of the full range of SAP HCM functionality will reduce the costs associated with HCM administration and increase the time HCM professionals spend on value adding strategic management tasks.

So whether you are looking to:

  • Expand your SAP footprint to incorporate HCM and payroll functionality;
  • Eliminate third party solution costs;
  • Leverage existing SAP license investments; or
  • Implement SAP HCM as your corporate solution

TIG Technologies’ HCM team can assist you to understand the smarter, faster way to realizing the benefits of SAP’s HCM solution.

TIG HCM Lite solutions offer the following:

Personnel Administration

  • Organization Management
  • Benefits
  • Time Tracking/Time Evaluation**
  • Payroll Processing**
  • Workflow Processing
  • Basis administration (software installation, setup)
  • Standard HCM reporting
  • Integration to Financials
  • Training and Support

**Valid for complete solution level 2

Highlights of HCM Lite

  • Can be hosted by TIG or Implemented on-site.
  • Free HCM system capability Evaluation.
  • Offered to existing SAP customers and customers new to SAP.
  • 24/7 Production support assistance available through TIG Support Desk.


  • Cost Effective and Rapid end to end implementation using a fixed scope approach.
  • Eliminate Legacy HCM Systems and improve your HCM business processes with state of the art technology.
  • Build a strong HCM base to add-on other HCM functionality like, ESS/MSS, Talent Mgt, Adobe forms.
  • Seamlessly integrate HR data with other Modules like FI, CO, PS, PM, MM, CATS.
  • Enable Workflow processing.

– A solution that grows with your business.

– Preconfigured cross-industry solutions for maximum fit and minimal customization.
– Solutions that can be extended and changed using the unparalleled power of the SAP.
– Business Suite family of business solutions like FICO, Sales and distribution, materials management, CRM and the list goes on.

Cost Effective speedy Implementation in 60 Days

The TIG SAP HCM All-in-One Solution can be implemented within 60 days, with little disruption to your daily operations. Use the solution that is proven and offers industry best practices.

How do we make this possible ? So fast and so economical !

Qualified TIG HCM Lite solutions are installed using rapid implementation techniques using “ready-made” implementation templates that can reduce costs by more than 50% over traditional approaches. And the solutions’ scalability means that you invest only once – even as your organization changes and grows.

TIG’s Preconfigured, powerful HCM functionality makes the most labor-intensive or time-intensive Human resources processes easy to implement and execute.

TIG HCM Lite solutions are created and delivered by qualified Consultants with deep expertise within HCM and SAP HCM Best Practices. These consultants utilize pre-prepared standardized business processes, documentation, and reporst to meet your needs.

The out-of-the-box functionality of TIG HCM Lite solutions allows users more effectively manage Human Resources processes and other related business processes. This flexibility generates new efficiencies across your organization by eliminating costly, manual processes.

Gain the advantage with a comprehensive solution that streamlines core processes across your business.

Partner with the Right SAP Experts

TIG can help you develop and implement a strategy that reaches beyond SAP to provide real solutions to business issues. We can help you respond to changing customer demands and ever-evolving technical requirements for system integration and information architecture. In addition to our vast SAP experience and expertise, we have a long track record of helping clients seamlessly integrate IT solutions to business problems. With more than 90 offices worldwide, we offer a global vision to finding solutions for today’s IT challenges.To achieve qualification status, TIG has demonstrated extensive industry experience and the ability to deploy solutions – and that means you benefit from a validated solution delivered by a highly skilled implementation partner.

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