Case Studies


University  has  a  need  for  an  SAP  consultant   to   complete   a   review   of issues  and  provide  information   on  the   solution   to  payroll/Benefit  problems.


The university went live with SAP in 2008. “The organization has grown significantly since then, but their IT staff has remained about the same size or reduced as the implementation partner had left the project “Anybody familiar with SAP knows that it’s post production problems in a complex university can be nerve wrecking specially in the first 2 yrs of implementing SAP. It can drive your business, but it requires a lot of fixes/Tweeks to make those processes work. To deal with this situation they needed somebody who could learn their processes and understand their issues quickly and come up with solutions instantaneously.


TIG’s team came onboard . The management and IT Dept were impressed with how quickly efficiently TIG team handled some very complex payroll/Benefit Issues. TIG team was productive from day one and resolved about 4-5 issues in a week which had been pending for months.

SAP HR Payroll/Time Implementation

The Task

The client needed a implementation partner to implement SAP HR suite(PA, OM, Benefits , Payroll, Development of ABAP objects) for company’s Canadian Plant.

Understanding the Challenge

The company faced the challenge of implementing a comprehensive, very cost-effective and customizable SAP solution for its dynamic, international company. The implementation timeline, bandwidth constraints of the project team, corporate culture, and required flexibility required the client to select a vendor who could cater to all of the above.

Providing the Solution

Together, the client and Terra Information Group quickly developed a clear, comprehensive, and effective strategy to launch and implement a solid Implementation effort. Utilizing TIG’s state-of-the-art tools, Implementation templates, development, and maintenance methodologies was at the heart of the plan. Implementation completed with 1 consultant and 2 part time client Resources, saving the company over 0.5 million dollars.

SAP HR/Production Planning & Payroll Implementation

TIG partnered with Cap Gemini to develop and implement a change management and training strategy that enabled this metal fabrication company, to successfully transition to the new SAP HR/Production Planning & Payroll Implementation. The TIG change management team designed and facilitated communication activity to build consensus amongst stakeholders, ensuring widespread acceptance of the new system. The TIG training team delivered a highly successful training program, which equipped all employees with the requisite knowledge for optimal system use. Together TIG and the client managed the implementation process and significantly improved the efficiency of HR systems, Production Planning and Highly Integrated Payroll systems.


The challenges were significant. Data Transfer. The biggest challenge was to load data into SAP from the Legacy system. Consultation was required throughout the project to ensure that data has been checked, verified and loaded correctly into SAP. Diversity.  Company  is comprised of distinct groups with very different skills, requirements and approaches. End Users range from front-line manufacturing supervisors to sales and marketing executives. For many End Users, this was their first real use of a computing environment. Payroll System. As the time keeping system was external, it was indeed a challenge to make sure that the time recorded in SAP through the well designed Interfaces is correct and that the file send out for Payroll is accurate. Acceptance. With a perceived change in work requirements and skills, the challenge was to ensure the system was accepted as a positive benefit, both to employees and the business.


TIG’s comprehensive solution encompassed change management, learning and performance. TIG’s change management team were engaged to:
  • Determine and map HR and Production Planning business processes
  • Created Interfaces for Time Recording and Payroll Systems
  • Develop and implement Capacity Planning Process.
  • Develop extensive change communications, tailored to distinct End User groups
  • Manage the transition and implementation process
TIG’s training team were engaged to:
  • Tailor a training and support strategy for each unique department
  • Conduct a thorough training needs analysis
  • Manage training logistics


Client achieved a highly successful outcome, with strong acceptance across the business. The support network implemented by TIG & CAP Gemini drove business ownership of the project. This assisted in overcoming the geographical barriers and diverse approaches of different departments. Capacity Planning, one of the key Business Processes was implemented successfully and it increased the overall performance and efficiency by 10-15%. Managers were trained in Managers Desktop , giving them improved access to relevant information, and increased capacity to effectively manage their staff. In addition, the introduction of Employee Self Service enabled staff to manage their own personal data online. All in all, over 2500 employees were paid the right amount, at the right time, with the right level of information. The TIG experience demonstrated that with a superior change management, learning and performance solution, very positive results and high customer satisfaction can be achieved.
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